Data Security Engineer

Job Description

As a Data Security Engineer with a focus on SOC 2 Type 2 audits, you will be responsible for implementing and maintaining robust data security measures and controls, ensuring compliance with SOC 2 Type 2 standards. Your expertise will contribute to the organization’s ability to pass audits and demonstrate a commitment to data security and privacy.

Job Responsibilities

Data Security Audits:

  • Manage the planning, coordination, and execution of SOC 2 Type 2 audits.
  • Work closely with auditors to ensure that controls are properly tested and reported on.
  • Address any identified vulnerabilities or non-compliance issues, ensuring timely remediation.

Cybersecurity and Data Security:

  • Implement and maintain data security measures to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with SOC 2 standards.
  • Continuously monitor, assess, and enhance data security controls to align with industry best practices.

Server Infrastructure Management:

  • Configure and manage server hardware to meet SOC 2 requirements.
  • Ensure that controls over server infrastructure align with SOC 2 criteria for security and availability.

Firewall and VPN Implementation:

  • Set up, configure, and maintain firewalls, internet VPNs, and remote access solutions in accordance with SOC 2 controls.

Backup and Recovery:

  • Establish and manage backup and recovery solutions that comply with SOC 2 data protection and availability criteria.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive data backup and recovery plans.

Desktop Support and Installation:

  • Provide support for desktop installations and troubleshooting, ensuring that desktop systems meet SOC 2 standards for security and accessibility.

Antivirus Server:

  • Manage antivirus server solutions to meet SOC 2 requirements for malware protection and control.

Linux and Unix Knowledge:

  • Leverage knowledge of Linux and Unix commands for SOC 2 compliance in system administration and security measures.


  • Apply virtualization technologies and practices that align with SOC 2 criteria for data security and availability.
  • Security Tools:
  • Utilize a range of security tools and suites for vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, ensuring SOC 2 compliance.

Networking Expertise:

  • Apply networking knowledge to meet SOC 2 requirements for security and availability.
  • Administer Citrix, Active Directory, and network security controls in accordance with SOC 2 criteria.

Windows and Linux Administration:

  • Administer Windows and Linux systems in compliance with SOC 2 security and availability controls.

Office 365 (O365):

  • Ensure that Office 365 configurations and add-ons meet SOC 2 criteria for data security and privacy.
  • Leverage SOC 2 experience to enhance O365 compliance.

Skill set:

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