AI Engineer

Job Description

As an AI Engineer, you will be at the forefront of developing intelligent systems with a specialization in natural language processing (NLP). Your role involves designing, implementing, and optimizing AI models to process and Data.


Job Responsibilities

Model Development:

  • Design and implement state-of-the-art AI models, particularly focusing on NLP tasks, using frameworks such as  PyTorch.
  • Fine-tune and adapt pre-trained models to specific applications and domains.

Data Processing and Analysis:

  • Preprocess and analyze large datasets to ensure high-quality input for training AI models.
  • Collaborate with data engineers to build efficient pipelines for handling linguistic data.

Algorithmic Development:

  • Develop algorithms for various NLP tasks, including text classification, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and language generation.
  • Experiment with different machine learning techniques to enhance model performance.

Evaluation and Optimization:

  • Implement robust evaluation metrics to assess the effectiveness of AI models.
  • Optimize models for speed, memory usage, and scalability, ensuring efficient deployment in real-world applications.

5. Collaboration:

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including software engineers, data scientists, and domain experts.
  • Work closely with researchers to integrate cutting-edge AI advancements into practical solutions.

Documentation and Communication:

  • Maintain clear documentation for code, models, and processes.
  • Communicate findings and updates to both technical and non-technical stakeholders

Required Skills

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